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Sloan McBride is a multi-published romance author who tends to lean more toward paranormal.  She has been writing all her life and enjoys telling a good story.  She tries different things on a regular basis, always anxious to see what’s next. 

Currently, she is working on Book 2 of ‘The Talisman Trilogy’ which means returning to the Highlands.  For all of those who have been asking for Ramsey MacLaren’s story, the wait is over. You will reconnect with some familiar friends too. If you don’t know about the trilogy, pick up Highland Stone.

Book 3 of the ‘Time Walker Series’ is started and plotting for Book 4. Exciting stuff going on in the Time Walker World. If you like demons, gods and goddesses, and romance, then check out The Fury, and The Treasure on sale now.

Another trilogy follows the lives of smokejumpers—Men of Fire. These heroes are sexy, daredevils, who will steal your heart and leave you breathless.

Sloan has five books crashing around in her head at any given time, making sleep difficult.

She lives in Illinois with her husband of 36 years, her daughter, her son, and Oakley, the princess girly dog. Her life is chaotic most times and she has to fight for writing time.You never know what will come out of her dizzy brain, but you can be sure it will delight readers in one way or another.

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