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So you have your book written, tweaked, and polished galore.  Now what?

The World of Dreams Team is here to help with authors’ needs.  We understand minimal budget, not enough time, and needing assistance.

Editing Services:

If you have a finished book or work in progress, an editor will help polish your story.  Whether you want to attract an agent, a publishing house or are self-publishing, we will do our best to help your story shine while not changing your voice.

Developmental Check-up:  Calling all plotters! If you like to have things figured out before you dive into writing, but want another set of eyes on your just-about-finished collection of pre-writing documents, then come in for your developmental check-up. You send us your pre-manuscript work, and we’ll check your world building, plot outline, and character development for any major holes or simply let you know of any questions that readers might have that you haven’t answered yet. - $5.00/page ($0.02/word)

Line Editing:  Includes voice, style, checking for head-hopping and passive voice, pacing, paragraph structure, sentence flow, inconsistencies, info dumping, or scenes that don’t move the story forward. - $4.00/page ($0.016/word)

Developmental Editing/Content Editing:  We will read the entire completed manuscript, and provide a list of unanswered questions concerning plot, world building, and characters. - $5.00/page ($0.02/word)


Our services in no way guarantee that your work will be picked up by an agent, publisher, or reach best-seller status in any venue. 

Whew!  Now that the editing part is completed we move on to proofreading.

Proofreading Service:

Copy Editing:  We will check punctuation, grammar and mechanics, typos, spelling errors, verb tenses, capitalization, and word choices. - $3.00/page ($0.012/word)

Proofreading:  A final read through checking for grammar and mechanics, making sure nothing is out of place, and any other glaring issues that need to be resolved. - $0.01/word 

The Whole Kit and Caboodle (all of the above services) - $10.00/page
That’s a 31% savings. 

Thank all the writing gods.  The book is done!

The next hurdle is formatting the book for all the sites where you will self-publish.  If you contract with a publisher, the formatting will be done by them.

Formatting Service:

To help with the author’s journey World of Dreams offers formatting services with a minimal budget in mind.



Word Count






10,000 – 20,000



20,000 – 40,000



40,000 – 70,000



70,000 – 100,000



100,000 – 130,000



130,000 – 160,000



160,000 – 200,000

Please be advised that the ebook rates listed above are one price for all 3 formats, not one price per each.  If you only need one format, we can discuss an adjusted rate.

            Not accepting books with pictures at this time.           

20% off of one service to all new clients.

Discounts offered if you send us more than one piece of work at a time.


If you have any questions, please contact us at worldofdreamspub@gmail.com.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us at worldofdreamspub@gmail.com.  We will discuss time frames depending on how full our schedule is, and how soon you would need the work completed.

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